Announcing Orca v2.19.3

* What is Orca?

Orca is a free, open source, flexible, and extensible screen reader that
provides access to the graphical desktop via user-customizable
combinations of speech, braille, and/or magnification.  Orca development
has been sponsored by the Sun Microsystems, Inc., Accessibility Program
Office and progresses via continued engagement with end users and
contributions from wonderful community members.

Come join us -- help the community grow.  You can read more about Orca

NOTE ON FIREFOX 3.0 SUPPORT: we know many of you are anxiously
awaiting compelling access to the web via Orca and Firefox.  We're
making steady progress on this front, both in Orca and with the
Firefox team.  We're getting there step by step, and we're receiving
positive comments from people who are having good success with where
we are today.  We'll keep going -- join us on the Orca list and share
your comments, suggestions, and questions.

* What's changed for Orca v2.19.3?

Lots!  We constantly listen to what our users are saying and we're still
working hard and fast.  For those who have not joined yet, please join
us on the Orca mailing list and we'll listen to you, too.  If you don't
watch out, we might also make you a team member.  :-)

Orca v2.19.3 - 04-Jun-2007

General Orca:

* Make checkbox and radio button indicator strings customizable
  (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Present checkbox and radio button indicators before label/name in
  braille (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 345399 - Key echo missing alpha numeric and punctuation

* Fix for bug 349394 to make Speech Dispatcher Factory work better
  with Orca GUI preferences (thanks Tomas Cerha!)

* Fix for bug 376015 - [a11y] time-admin time servers table is not

* Fix for bug 412837 - Need a single number to summarize test code

* Fix for bug 434600 - cursor routing keys cannot be used to position
  caret at end of line 

* Fix for bug 435226 - Where-am-I doesn't correctly handle multiple
  selected paragraphs in OOo Writer and Evolution

* Fix for bug 439155 - Flat review is broken in gcalctool

* Fix for bug 439487 - Combobox role not shown in braille in 'brief'
  verbosity mode

* Fix for bug 439509 - Run Application Dialog prints entered text
  twice in braille (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 440592 - Orca doesn't speak gcalctool's status bar

* Fix for bug 440294 - Voice Properties in Speech Dispatcher backend
  (thanks Tomas Cerha!)

* Fix for bug 441640 - Rename processCursorKey to processRoutingKey 
  (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 441673 - Define InputEventHandler.__eq__ 
  (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 441723 - Orca should not speak "double prime" for the
  number 3

* Fix for bug 443012 - upsets in a bad way 


* Fix for bug 407941 - Infer labels for objects in HTML content

* Fix for bug 414657 - Linked headings should be announced as both
  heading and link

* Fix for bug 420540 - Firefox keyboard control wish list. Q/Shift+Q
  can now be used to navigate among blockquotes.

* Fix for bug 423435 - Orca is too chatty when loading a page in

* Fix for Bug 433655 - Orca's structural navigation should wrap at the
  end of a page

* Fix for bug 437753 - Orca should speak and braille the current locus
  of focus after a page is loaded in Firefox and then start reading
  the page

* Fix for bug 437986 - Orca should not first speak page and frame
  title when opening a menu in firefox

* Fix for bug 439286 -'s find{Next,Previous}Object fails when
  object is document_frame.

* Fix for bug 440079 - Orca cannot arrow past certain combo boxes in

* Fix for bug 440529 - Orca bounces out of Firefox Help Contents tree
  and into the document frame

* Fix for bug 441476 - Orca should attempt to detect erroneously-marked
  list labels in Firefox

* Fix for bug 441484 - Need to adjust Firefox form field navigation to
  accommodate Firefox changes.

* Fix for bug 441610 - Orca should identify bogus/redundant checkbox
  labels in Firefox.

* Fix for bug 442083 - Orca skips over empty entries with Up/Down
  Arrow in Firefox

* Fix for bug 442691 - Form field structural navigation is slow to and
  in large lists

* Fix for bug 443067 - sayAll by sentence skips content that is
  in HTML tables in Firefox

* Fix for bug 443337 - Orca should not use the alt text if it is empty
  to infer a link name

* Fix for bug 443650 - Orca "loops" on certain pages in Firefox


* Work on bug 435199 - Orca is bloating the swap partition, so
  the system is no more usable after a short time (improvements
  made to OpenOffice script)

* Additional fix for bug 435201 - Orca is too chatty when navigating
  by paragraph in OOo Writer

* Fix for bug 435226 - Where-am-I doesn't correctly handle multiple
  selected paragraphs in OOo Writer and Evolution

* Fix for bug 435852 - Orca and OpenOffice Calc have a memory lovefest

Java platform:

* Fix for bug 435825 - Non-ORBit object typecodes ignored when
  instantiating stubs.  NOTE: this was a pyorbit fix from Peter Parente
  that had a major impact on a number of bugs we were running into with
  the Java platform.  Thanks so much, Peter Parente!

* Fix for bug 436674 - flat-review only visits right-most tree nodes
  in SwingSet2 JTree demo

* Fix for bug 437049 - Orca does not speak Java Control Panel spinbox

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    de      German               Jochen Skulj
    sv      Swedish              Daniel Nylander
    en_GB   English/British      David Lodge

* Where can I get it?

You can obtain Orca v2.19.3 in source code form at the following:


The Orca Team

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