Gnome Games 2.17.90

gnome-games 2.17.90
This is the first beta release in the Gnome 2.18 release series. Few
large changes have been made since 2.17.5. Most of the changes are
spit-and-polish making our two newly-included games even better for
their first stable releases. Here are some of the changes that have been
included in the past three weeks:

        * Gnibbles    : Player limit increased to 6 simultaneous
                      : Show player worm colors on tool bar.
        * Gnome Sodoku: Prevent dialogs depth confusion #392997
                      : Clear history when starting new game #388744
                      : When clearing the grid, clear all #396823
        * Aisleriot   : Remove options from Spiderette and Will O The
	                Wisp, #398192
        * Chess       : Fix error in testing for check #106348
                      : Fix exception when a save error occurs #389960
        * Iagno       : Cancel AI when moves after an undo #386165

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