ANNOUNCE: Tomboy 0.5.4 Released

Hey Everyone,

This mail is to announce the new Tomboy version 0.5.4 development release.

Tomboy is a simple note-taking application designed to be unobtrusive
and friendly, while supporting inter-note links similar to a
WikiWikiWeb to help you organize your notes and ideas.  It can run
either as a Gnome panel applet or a notification tray-icon.

See the website at for
downloads, screenshots, and more information.

Tomboy's Road Map:

Tomboy is available at:
  md5sum: af1be76de44e9f92487922c98ffd07db
  size: 1.2M
  md5sum: 0cd4701cadd23cef76c0fe708a17c3d5
  size: 1.0M

This newest release (0.5.4) includes the following:

  Version 0.5.4
  * This is a bugfix-only release...
  * Fix bullet serialization (#319221).
  * Fix NoteOfTheDay plugin from creating too many notes (#382190).
  * Fix "Start Here" note keybinding if note is renamed (#315222).
  * Fix Evolution Plugin to use Evolution exchange account (#397390).
  * Fix corrupted text when typing with search open (#397223).
  * And others (#394501, #383765, #397700, #397717, #350707).

As a reminder, the 0.5.x releases are development releases (for
GNOME 2.17.x).  The next stable version of Tomboy will be 0.6.0
and will be released in conjunction with GNOME 2.18.

Special thanks to everyone entering bugs, submitting patches, and
helping to make Tomboy better!



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