Last Exit 4

Last Exit is a streaming media player for Last.FM.


Notable Changes:

      * New Themeable Icons [Andreas Nilsson]
      * Use GTK stock buttons in some dialogs [Brandon Hale]
      * Port to Managed DBus [Brandon]
      * Port to notify-sharp [Sebastian Dröge]
      * Support for multi-media keys [Rob Fisher]

Bug Fixes:

      * Fix Journal URL [Priit Laes]
      * Stop player on receipt of End of Song [Priit]
      * Catch bad URLs [Priit]
      * l10n fixes, #365091 [Priit]
      * Further l10n fixes [Łukasz Jernaś]
      * Fix a crasher in Info window when Song.Image is null [TJ
      * Fix notification icon on transparent panels, bug #365099

Priit Laes is the star of this release. If only I could spell his name
right on the first try.

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