gnome-games 2.18.1 released

This is a stable maintenance release of gnome-games. Several critical bugs have been fixed in GNOME Sudoku and translations have been updated. Upgrading is highly recommended to resolve the reported crashes in the previous release.

Download gnome-games 2.18.1 at:

Overview of changes:

GNOME Sudoku:
        * Change string substitution for plurals that do not
	contain '%s' (Bug #409739)
        * Sort game name columns numerically (Bug #417191)
	* Make sure one game is always selected for
	restoring (Bug #422748)
	* Remember window size when quitting (Bug #380780)
	* Handle corrupted high score entries (Bug #413848)
	* Stop number pop-up from visibly moving when created
	* Stop number pop-up from being in taskbar list (Bug #406767)
	* Correctly mark game name as unicode so that it can be split on
	character boundaries (Bug #409740)

Translations updated:
	* Danish
	* Spanish
	* Dzongkha
	* Estonian
	* German
	* Gujarati
	* Finnish
	* Galician

More info on the gnome-games website:

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