GQ LDAP Client 1.1.2 (unstable)

What is GQ
GQ is a GTK based LDAP client.

Features include:
      * LDAP browser
      * LDAP V3 Schema browser
      * Template builder
      * Export subtree or whole server to LDIF
      * Use any number of servers
      * Search based on single argument or LDAP filter
      * Edit and delete entries
      * Add entries using an existing entry, or based on your own
      * Supports LDAP syntaxes and special attributes by presenting them
        in a custom way. Currently there are custom "displaytypes" for
        jpegPhoto, userPassword and X509 certificates and CRLs.

GQ 1.1.2

GQ 1.1.2 is supopsed to be the last release of the unstable 1.1 series.
It's supposed to be released as GQ 1.2.0 next week (and then, lots of
new features will get in).

  New Features for the end user
   * Fixed a crasher (bug #1551653)
   * set GETTEXT_PACKAGE (bug #1553044)
  Improvements to the build system
   * complete and pretty-print configuration options (bug #1551748)


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