Fantasdic 1.0 beta2 released


I am pleased to announce the release of Fantasdic 1.0 beta2.

Fantasdic is a dictionary application primarily targetting the GNOME desktop but which should work with other platforms, including Windows. Fantasdic is Free Software.

More precisely, Fantasdic is a DICT client. DICT is to dictionaries what HTTP is to web sites: Fantasdic connects to a server to look up words in dictionaries provided by that server. So you might think of Fantasdic as a "dictionary browser".

A lot of love with this release:

- Revamped add dictionary dialog.
- New strategy drop down menu on the main window.
- New stop button in the toolbar.
- New option to choose whether Fantasdic should lookup last word at startup.
- New command-line options.
- Now hold connections for some time and close too old connections.
- New find pane.
- New command-line tools: a basic server, a proxy and some format conversion

- Updated translation: french.

Download (.tar.gz tarball and .deb package):


Bugtracker: (fantasdic product)

Mailing-list: not yet :-( Any GNOME system admin here?

Mathieu Blondel

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