[Announce] Tracker 0.5.2

I'm pleased to announce a new stable release of Tracker (version 0.5.2)
- the all-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Tarball :

Debs for Edgy :
(see http://www.gnome.org/~jamiemcc/tracker/DEB/Edgy/README for quick installation)

New Features :

* Now has l10n/i18n support (Luca Ferretti)

* Added timeout to all external processes and metadata extractors used by tracker (Edward Duffy)

* Added missing OpenOffice templates to our filters (Laurent Aguerreche)

* Fixed filters to use different packages like w3m for indexing html (Laurent Aguerreche)

* Fixed Debian build and added new packages for data files and translations (Laurent Aguerreche)

* Imporved t-s-t and made snippets wordwrap, made snippets async, used tracker's mime facility, improved highlighting and fixed crasher (Jamie McCracken)

* Limited tracker-extracts memory usage using setrlimit (Jamie McCracken)

* Added desktop files for t-s-t (Deji Akingunola)

What is it?

Tracker is a personal search tool and storage system that allows you to
search and enhance your personal data with the minimum of fuss.

It allows you to find the proverbial needle in your computer's haystack
as well as providing a one stop solution to the organisation, storage
and categorisation of your data.

What does it do?

Tracker trawls through your data and organises it so that it can be
retrieved extremely quickly later on via simple searches.

This organisation puts your data into categories so that application
like photo managers and music players can instantly find relevant
content automatically

Tracker enables you to tag your data with keywords which can be used to
find related information or to group and categorise your data further

Tracker lets you extend your data with additional metadata

Mr Jamie McCracken

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