Re: Announcing Orca 0.2.5 rpms

rpm packages of Orca-0.2.5 for Fedora Core 5 are now available from:


The binary is under RPMS, and the source under SRPMS as usual with


There is yet some unresolved dependency issue with these rpms, so they
probably will need to be installed using the --nodeps option as follows:

rpm -Uv --nodeps orca-0.2.5-1.i386.rpm

However, I can attest the resulting installation works for me on two
different systems.

I have first run:

orca -t

from the console, as the same user I am in the gui desktop. Once on the
desktop, I have issued Alt-F2 and typed:

orca -t

again to get things started. Seems wrong, but is working for me on two

Special Note: You may need to upgrade your Gnome Desktop to Fedora
Development. If you find things not working with the current release and
updated Gnome environment, try:

yum --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo=development groupupdate 'GNOME
Desktop Environment'

Note the above command is issued on one line, though it's probably been
broken into at least two lines in this email message.

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