gnome-games 2.15.3

gnome-games 2.15.3

This development release of gnome-games is a little short on new
content since we are in the process of changing maintainers and not
everything is organised yet.

Things that have changed:

 - High scores: the file is truncated properly if you use a short name.
   This stops you getting a top-ten score with 11th-place.
 - Require the latest intltool.

 - Radio-buttons for Klondike options work now. There are new choices
   how you want your cards dealt in Klondike.
 - Explicitly protect the cards from garbage collection. This is should
   fix bug #342038, but doesn't actually seem to work.

 - Really, really, fix the desktop icon name this time (I hope).

As usual, get it from:

 - Callum

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