ANNOUNCE: anjuta-2.0.0 released

Hi all,

After much waiting we are please to announce Anjuta 2.0.0, the first
release of Anjuta 2.x series.

This is an alpha & unstable release and may not be suitable for
production use. However, we encourage to use it and help us with bug
reports. Both stable and development release can be used simultaneously,
but they should be installed in different install prefix (important). 

Anjuta is a versatile GNOME IDE for C and C++. Features include
projectmanagement, application wizards, an onboard interactive debugger,
and apowerful source editor with browsing and syntax highlighting. 

Home page: 

gdl         >= 0.5.0,
gnome-build >= 0.1.1,
devhelp     >= 0.9.0,
autogen     >= 5.6.5,
guile       >= 23.0.0,
libopts     >= 1.6.7,
graphviz    >= 2.2.1,
subversion  >= 1.0.

More details of the dependencies and their downloads are given at the
download page.

Release notes
Architecture and code base: 
New: New plugin architecture and all IDE components ported to this
New: Complex docking shell that allows arbitrary docking of IDE
New: Dynamic plugin activation and deactivation. 
New: Extensible architecture. 
New: Plugins can interact with other plugins through interface. 
New: Plugins can install dynamic UIs (menus/toolbars), including
installing context menus in other plugins. 
New:Shell and Plugin API documentation. 

New: Integrated help system with Devhelp. 
New: Integrated glade UI designer (incomplete). 

Editor plugin: 
New: Scope memeber autocompletion (e.g ., -> and :: autocompletion). 
New: Editor split views. 
New: Automatic indentation with tabbing. 
New: More syntax highlighting lexers 
New: Split multiple views of document 
New: Remote editing (full gnome-vfs support) 
New: Real-time file modification monitor. 

Project management and build plugin: 
New: Multiple parallel builds and independent debugging and execution. 
New: Synchronous project management (simultaneous manual and automatic
New: Mime based filemanager and desktop integration. 

Other plugins: 
New: Task Manager. 
New: Macro plugin allows inserting predefined and user defined texts
New: Easily extensible template based project wizards (based on
New: Symbol search plugin. 
New: C++ and GObject based class wizard. 
New: Class inheritance diagram plugin. 
New: Subversion plugin (incomplete) 
New: Session management framework. 
Updated: Debuger uses GDB machine-interface. 
Updated: CVS plugin 
Updated: Pretty much everyting.

Happy coding! 

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