ANNOUNCE: anjuta-1.2.3 released

Hi all,

Anjuta version 1.2.3, the latest stable version, has been released. This
is perhaps be the last stable release in 1.x series unless serious bugs
are encountered.

Release note: General bug fixes. 


Anjuta is a versatile GNOME IDE for C and C++. Features include
projectmanagement, application wizards, an onboard interactive debugger,
and apowerful source editor with browsing and syntax highlighting. 
Home page: 
New: Better symbol handling of structs/classes/etc. 
New: New realtime func/macros/var/struct define exporer in message
Bug fix: IA64 and Solaris problems 
Bug fix: Terminal Ctrl-C and Shift-Insert 
Bug fix: Debugger improvements 
Bug fix: Project generation bug fixes 
Bug fix: double tags loading 
Bug fix: Patches from the debian tree (Thanks!) 

Happy coding! 

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