ANNOUNCE: Firestarter 0.9.2

About Firestarter

  Firestarter is visual firewall tool for GNOME. The program features
  a friendly setup wizard, a real time hit monitor, an advanced rules
  based system for traffic shaping and many advanced features like
  kernel tuning, NAT and port forwarding setup tools.

Changes in this version

  * Fix segfault when resolving names, patch by Olivier Abad.
  * Updated list of non-routable networks (so called bogons).
  * Fixed Reject packets setting not working.
  * Fixed some issues with the parsing of resolv.conf.
  * Support for the metalog and syslog-ng log formats.
  * Tested to work with Slackware 9, should work with Gentoo.
  * Slightly less preferences, more of "It Just Works(tm)".
  * Misc. other bug fixes.
  * Translation updates by Alexandre Folle de Menezes (pt_BR),
    Duarte Loreto (pt), Christian Rose (sv), Pablo Saratxaga (vi),
    Takeshi Aihana (ja), Kostas Papadimas (el), Christian Neumair
    (de), Francisco Javier Fernandez (es), Jeroen van der Vegt (nl),
    Abel Cheung (zh_TW), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk), Kjartan Maraas (no),
    Alessio Dessi (it) and the Serbian translation team (sr). 


  Firestarter is available from
  Program screenshot:

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