ANNOUNCE: Gnome-themes-extras 0.1 released!

Gnome-themes-extras "Gnomes are like onions" 0.1 is released

In order to lighten your day we now announce the first public release of
the gnome-themes-extras package. It is a package with extra metathemes
for GNOME 2.2 and higher. 

You find screenshots, descriptions and download instructions here:

There is also an unofficial rpm package for RH 9 available here:

Credits for this release goes to:
Jacub 'Jimmac' Steiner for his work on Gorilla
Yanko Kaneti for SPEC file hacking
Alex Duggan for the build system
David Vignoni for Lush and Nuvola icons
Andrew Johnson for his Smooth theme engine and themes
Matthew McClintock for his Wasp icons
And me :)

Pablo Gonzalo del Campo for the Spanish translation
Duarte Loreto for the Portuguese translation
Abel Cheung for the traditional Chinese translation
Jordi Mallach for the Catalan translation
Christian Rose for the swedish translation

Other small fixes:
Andrew Sobala
Dennis Cranston

Special thanks to:
Dom Lachowicz for his work on librsvg
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>

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