Rhythmbox 0.6.2


This Rhythmbox release is mostly bugfixes, but I imagine a lot of people
will like Jeffrey Yasskin's work on Shuffle and Repeat.  Oh, and also
saving a playlist won't corrupt your library now :)

Most of the work is going into the 0.7.x development branch, which will
hopefully release fairly soon.


Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.6.2

* Use better algorithms for Shuffle and Repeat [Jeffrey Yasskin]
* Playlist fixes; make .m3u work [Colin Walters, Bastien Nocera]
* Make Xine backend use less memory [Bastien Nocera]
* Fix length parsing from variable-bitrate MP3s [Bastien Nocera]
* Don't crash adding a station with a duplicate location [Colin Walters]
* Fix race condition in library searching [Colin Walters]
* Actually implement Quality column [Colin Walters]
* Fix usage of G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY [Jan Arne Petersen]
* Change default Korean legacy charset to UHC [Cha Young-Ho]
* Check libid3tag version [Bastien Nocera]
* Work around scrollkeeper XML parsing bug [Jordi Mallach]
* Distcheck fixes [Colin Walters]

New and updated translations:

Takeshi AIHANA (ja)
Christian Neumair (de)
Danilo Ĺ egan (sr, sr Latn)
Miloslav Trmac (cs)
Jordi Mallach (ca)
Duarte Loreto (pt)
Ales Nyakhaychyk (be)
Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)

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