ANNOUNCE: Conglomerate 0.7.8


Conglomerate 0.7.8

Conglomerate version 0.7.8 - codenamed "What You See Is Hopefully What
You Saw Before" has been released.

Conglomerate is a free, user-friendly XML editor. It is particularly
aimed at DocBook, but should be able to handle any XML document type.

Since the last release, the main thing that's happened is a big
reorganisation of the innards of the main editor widget. This has
simplified the code significantly, and puts us in a good position to fix
the bugs and speed things up. So hopefully this version will appear to
be identical to end-users. Please download it and test that no new bugs
have been introduced!

You can download it from the usual place:

      * Big reorganisation of the implementation of the editor widget,
        simplifying the code (me)
      * New GObject class representing an XPath expression, which will
        help towards some future bugfixes (me)

      * Fixed C99ism build problem on gcc-2.95.4 (Pav Lucistnik)
      * Fixed missing files in (Marcel Telka, Geert
      * Fixed lots of warnings (me)
      * Increased self-tests on cursor validity (me)

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