ANNOUNCE: libgnomeprintmm and libgnomeprintuimm 2.5.0

*** libgnomeprintmm and libgnomeprintuimm

This is the first release of these C++ bindings for libgnomeprint and
libgnomeprintui. They require 2.5.x versions of libgnomeprint and
libgnomeprintui, and gtkmm 2.3.x.

libgnomeprint can be used to create postscript output. libgnomeprintui
provides some common UI, such as print setup and print preview dialogs.

There is a small working example of libgnomeprintmm. libgnomeprintuimm
builds, but will be mostly useless until you send us patches. You should
start by trying to create working examples. Patches should be attached to
gnomemm bugs:

You can find more information at

*** Download

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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