Gnumeric 1.2.2 (aka "Patch and Branch") available

Gnumeric 1.2.2 is now available (and has, in fact, been so for about a
week).  Since Real Life seems to have swallowed Jody, I am making this
unofficial announcement.

The focus of this release has been polish, polish, and more polish.

Gnumeric 1.2.2 requires libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui 2.4.2.
NOTICE TO PACKAGERS: This dependency has apparently not been undated in  Please make that change yourself.


	* Updated some docs.
	* Also use fallback-fonts for the page decorations when printing.
	* Add default header/footer font selector to preference dialog.
	* Fix printing from Page Setup dialog.
	* Upon inserting of cells try to guess whether to move cells down 
          or to the right.
	* Upon deleting of cells try to guess whether to move cells up 
          or to the left.
	* Use the number of copies info read from an XL file
	* Fix expr entry interaction with merged cells
	* Fix and adjust sort dialog

Emmanuel Pacaud:
	* Add clipping for plot areas.

Jean Brefort:
	* Support text in SVG exporter

	* More renaming
	* Don't install schemas when building an rpm
	* Support non-assisted CSV export for ssconvert
	* Simple optimization for 30% faster number matching
	* Center line plot points on index
	* Fix crash when importing truncated xls files
	* Update axis labels when bac/col/line/area labels are set/cleared
	* Complain loudly when people run without installing the schema
	* Improve padding of chart elements
	* Fix xls import of collapsed cols/rows at level 0
	* Fix in 1.2.1 was spewing pointless warnings
	* Handle undoing a paste from a deleted external sheet
	* Don't scroll the other panes unless we absolutely have to.
	* Try to save a current edit before an action
	* Fix tick spacing with manual axis bounds
	* Tune clipboard to avoid ultra deep recalc stacks
	* Add epsilon _before_ we scale formats with elapsed hours
	* Tune insert col/row above frozen panes
	* Be more lenient about invalid xml, but put errors in gui
	* Fix OO import in some locales.
	* Fix OO import of integer attributes.
	* XLS probe support for misnamed streams
	* Don't forget to recalc after deleting col/row
	* Init the high/low button for axis prefs
	* Update all displayed auto values for axis bounds
	* Have an inverse pull to 0 in case the eps pulls to far
	* Actually install the man pages
	* Formatting marks a sheet as dirty
	* Support auto-shape/outline/fill for chart markers
	* Add UI to restore auto colors for charts
	* Update UI when a chart style element changes externally
	* Support line plots with no markers by default
	* Support xy plots with no markers, no lines, by default
	* x axis label vertical alignment
	* Extend 'is_auto' support.
	* Fix round tripping of imported xls macros.
	* Enabled the object re-ordering buttons
	* Be smarter when all the values are the same
	* Set label and text box outline/background to XL defaults
	* default to rows when rows == cols
	* Support minor ticks
	* Tune chart axis ticks to avoid anti-aliasing blur
	* Export 'Manual Recalc' flag to xls
	* Recalc new expressions even when manually recalculating
	* Support DISPLAY-less function dumping
	* Problem introduced in 1.2.1 that breaks xml import in other locales
	* Update status display even on delayed motion.
	* Fix rangeseltion of multiple items in other locales
	* Update the format status UI after a successful read
	* Errors default to horzontal alignment == center
	* Don't add a grid if there wasn't one in the xls
	* Fix memory handling for autoformats
	* Fix minor cosmetic issue with the boarder between frozen panes
	* Cosmetic tweak to keep cursor visible on dark backgrounds
	* Fixed xls export of col/row groups
	* Support workbook local functions
	* Fix xls import of unicode in expressions
	* Fix gutter resize when adding groups

	* Fix crash with STF import and gazillions of columns.
	* Drastically reduce memory usage during STF import with lots of
	  small fields.
	* Speed up STF import by not creating field structures for lines
	  not shown in the preview anyway.
	* Fix display of cumulative hours for -1h < time < 0h.
	* Fix crash with loss of precision in linear regression of
	  dimension 2.
	* Fix wiiiiiiiide stf dialog with glibc and composite locales.
	* Fix stf import of empty files.
	* Fix column selection in stf import.
	* Plug a few leaks.
	* Optionally generate pseudo-random (as opposed to random) numbers.

	* Bump requirement to libgda/libgnomedb 1.0.1

J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
    	* Include several missing images in the documentation. (Debian #218580)

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