ANNOUNCE: libpanelappletmm 1.3.1

The gnomemm team is very pleased to announce the release of libpanelappletmm 1.3.1.

*** libpanelappletmm

libpanelappletmm provides a C++ binding for the panel applet API.  This API is simpler
and more object oriented than the underlying C API.

libpanelappletmm requires Gtkmm >= 2.0, Gconfmm >= 2.0, Libgnomemm >= 2.0, and
gnome-panel/libpanel-applet >= 2.4

*** Changes/Enhancements

Mostly a new feature release, but fixes a build issue as well.


* Removed references to libgnomeprintmm; fixes #128413 (Alexander Nedotsukov)
* Added get and set methods for the GConf API (Bryan Forbes).

*** Download

You can download it from
(near the bottom of the page)

Bryan Forbes
mxpxfifws yahoo com

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