ANNOUNCE: gcalctool - v4.3.28




gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it uses multiple
precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree of accuracy.

This release is for the GNOME 2.5.1 call for tarballs.

Changes since the last version (4.3.22).

* On a Solaris keyboard, Shift-"^" is GDK_asciicircum/GDK_SHIFT_MASK.
  This keyval/state pair needed to be added to the Xor recognized mappings.

* Re-fixed bug 127672. The fix for Shift-"=" should have been for GDK_equal
  not GDK_Return.  Needed to add in support for Shift-"/" too.

* Implemented enhancement request 125873. gcalctool can now optionally
  show the thousands seperator character for fixed point numbers displayed
  in the decimal base. Same for numbers stored in the memory registers.
  There is a new "Show Thousands Separator" menu entry in the View menu
  to set this. As the user is typing in input, the display will now show 
  the thousands separator (if checked).

* Fixed bug 126626. gcalctool no longer causes a Gtk-CRITICAL error when
  the user enters "9*(1<Xor>". The problem was caused because a non-UTF
  character was being inserted into the text string to be displayed for
  the Xor function.

* Fixed bug 125782. If the user is entering a left parenthesis and it is
  the first one being displayed and there is no current arithmetic operand,
  then the current display is initially cleared to avoid the confusion of
  showing something like "0(".

New translations (thankyou!)

    "eu" (Basque) - I\303\261aki Larra\303\261aga


    [Although some of the ftp mirrors may take a little while to sync].

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