Marlin 0.3 "10,000 march in Tbilisi and the government falls, 2 million march in London and nothing happens. Isn't freedom wonderful?"

Marlin 0.3 "10,000/2,000,000. Isn't freedom wonderful?"[1] has been

Everyone likes short release cycles so this is a sort release cycle.
Marlin is a sample editor. Sound sample editor for the smartarse who
asked what type of samples the last time round. It uses GNOME2 and GTK

Changes since the last time:
* Translations. We've moved to and the translators have
gone mad. Translations we've got this time round are
de: Christian Neumair
nl: Vincent van Adrighem
pt: Duarte Loreto
sr: Данило Шеган (I'll put money on that not coming out anywhere :)
sr Latn: Danilo Segan
sv: Christian Rose.
Thanks to all the translators, I hope I've got all the names right.

* Now requires GTK+ 2.3 because it uses all the new code for actions and
menus and file chooser[2] and stuff from it.

Minor changes:
* Doesn't lose selection when you perform an operation on the sample
* Doesn't lock up if you try to cut/copy more than once.
* Displays how long is left until an operation like load sample is
  until completion. Oh yeah, and its not very accurate right now.
  In fact, you might think its picking random numbers, but its not
  honest, it just sucks at working it out.
* Right clicking the overview bar starts playback from that point
* You can drag the overview bar page around to scroll to a point   

Where do you get it?
should do it for you.

Webpage screenshots etc

It crashed/sucks/doesn't do ...
For everything else there's

this monkey's gone to heaven,
iain (yeah, I know, these release notes sucked. Read some Calvin and
Hobbes instead)

[1] For short...
[2] Yes, I know you can't save to a file that doesn't exist. Its a gtk

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