Sodipodi 0.28 has been released

Dear friends!

Version 0.28 of your favourite vector drawing program has been released.

What's New

This release is mostly about speed. Using locally modified canvas port
we were able to made sodipodi so much more responsive, we felt the need
to share it with community.

Highlights (in order of Changelog):

    * Eliminated lagging-behind-UI event queues (me)
    * Eliminated expensive intersection tests for select-only
      updates (me)
    * MMX optimizations for most heavily used pixel operations (me)
    * Compilation speedups (me)
    * Way to add custom freetype-readable fonts, thus having real 
      vertical metrics (me)
    * Fully dynamic XML editor (MenTaLguY)
    * Combine and Convert to curve work on multiple items
      selected (Masatake)
    * userSpaceOnUse units are supported, so nautilus-readable icons
      can be drawn with sodipodi (me)
    * Way to specify reflect and repeat gradient spreads (me)
    * Patterned lines (me)
    * Node editing has stamping too (Masatake) 

This is probably the last gtk 1.2 (Gnome 1) based release, unless
really severe bugs will be discovered.



Lauris Kaplinski
Tartu, Estonia

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