ANNOUNCE: Glade-- 1.1.3


Glade-- 1.1.3


Glade-- is a backend for glade and glade-2 to create C++ sources (gtk-- and
gtkmm2, any combination).
Glade is an graphical user interface builder for gtk/gnome.

NOTE: glade-- 1.1.0+ is usable for both Gnome and Gnome2!


- initial gnome-2 support (Peter Wainwright) [many patches]


many fixes and cleanups here and there. Now it should compile on a recent
RH without problems.

The virtual method style for callbacks was much improved.

Also many glade2 1.1.x xml incompatibilities have been fixed.

- include docs/glademm-callbacks.example in distro
- include <foo_glade.hh> in not <foo.hh>
        (beware, --baseclass might help you to include additional headers
         if you need them)
- re-re-re-fix notebook::switch_page for 1.2 (hopefully)
        (worked around a gtk+ bug ... include notebook.h)
- now since they are used you might notice wrong signal argument types
- fixed some drag/selection signal args
- fixed diffing again (can anybody tell me why diff '-I// A .+ B' does no
        longer work on debian/sid, you have to use .*)
- no longer defines for public widgets by default
        (use --widgettable to enable it)
- fix for strange autoconf (_GNU_SOURCE related) behavior on RH distros
        (Peter Wainwright)
- glade-2 radio button groups fixed (Mark Jones)
- initial gnome-2 support (Peter Wainwright) [many patches]
- custom widgets' signals might come from parent gtkmm class
        (e.g. parent="GtkCList" (sorry, glade name required))
- more fixes by Mark Jones (buttonbox, button)
- accellabel support


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