ANNOUNCE: Integrated Foundation Classes Beta-2


Inti-1.0 Beta-2
Inti-GConf-1.0 Beta-2


The Integrated Foundation Classes are a set of C++ classes for
developing Gnome and GTK+ applications on UNIX-like systems such as
Linux. They are designed to work nicely with the GNU toolchain and take
advantage of the standard C++ features provided by the GNU compiler.
Currently there are two modules, the core application development
platform Inti and a binding for the Gnome Configuration System Inti-GConf.


- More reference documentation
- Several code improvments
- a few minor bug fixes
- install extra files required by
   add-on modules such as Inti-GConf


- Fixed a bug in the Inti-GConf configure script that
   prevented it from compiling.

Download Inti-1.0 Beta-2

Download Inti-GConf-1.0 Beta-2

The Inti Development Team.


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