GGV 1.99.96

aka "A Requiem for Oriana Fallaci" release

what does the latest incarnation of your favourite PostScript previewer
bring to you, Joe the User?

* new features:
  * better handling of PDFs, printing and saving of marked pages is now
    also possible with PDFs
  * automatic flipping of pages when scrolling with keyboard
  * configurable amount of page that is being scrolled when using
  * an option to automatically modify zoom so that the page fits the
    visible area when the window is being resized
* a ton of bugs was squashed, most notably:
  * enable installation in different prefix than Bonobo
  * added missing tooltips
  * no more crashing when attempting to save non-structured documents
  * ggv does not hang any more when interpreter is being started and
    stopped rapidly
  * no more resizing of sidebar when the coordinate display wants to 
  * correct refreshing of non-structured docs
  * proper accelerators for navigation commands
* better HIG compliance:
  * leave the window open if last document is being "Close"d
  * HIG compliant Prefs dialog button sequence
* build system: removed GNUisms in using "head", added
  G*_DISABLE_DEPRECTAED flags to compilation, removed acconfig.h file

Satyajit Kanungo from Wipro helped pin-pointing and eliminating some of
the bugs, Michael provided help with bonobo-related issues and, as
always, Louie kept the bugzilla tidy ;)

There are also many new and updated translations, courtesy of our
never-resting translation teams:

da (Ole), hu (Andras), ta (Dinesh), nl (Reinout), sv (Christian), lv
(Peteris), de (Christian), es (Lucas), et (Ilmar), am (Daniel), sl (me),
sk (Stanislav), ca (Jordi)

available at the usual place:

have fun,


email: jaka activetools si

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