ANNOUNCE: gnocl 0.5.3


gnocl 0.5.3


Gnocl is a gtk / gnome extension for the programming language Tcl. It
provides easy to use commands to build quickly gnome compliant user
interfaces including the gnome canvas widget and drag and drop support.


gnocl Version 0.5.3 is available at

Main changes:
- second part of the Big Code Cleanup: 
      combo, paned, progressBar, optionMenu have now
      - documentation in DocBook (html'ized version is also provided)
      - more configuration options, for example -onShowHelp, -onPopupMenu
      - more complete test scripts
      - less memory consumption
- renamed commands menuBar, toolBar and statusBar to use a capital "B"
- split menuItem in menuItem, menuSeparator, menuCheckItem and
- numerous bug fixes

This is a GTK+ 2.0 only release, i.e. still no special gnome widgets
(e.g. canvas).

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