ANNOUNCE: sawfish 1.2


sawfish 1.2

   * Added an `OPTIONS' file describing the variables that may be

   * Some drawing optimizations: don't reinstall frame shape at each
     redraw, turn off graphics exposures in all contexts

   * Added a cache for X properties to minimize server round-trips

   * Added support for Xft fonts

   * Color objects now store alpha as well as rgb data

   * Support useful parts of 1.1 NET WM spec; also fixed some bugs /
     omissions in support for 1.0 spec (e.g. `_NET_WORKAREA')

   * Support for two dimensional workspace layouts and edge flipping
     (Michael Toomin)

   * Translation updates (Dmitry G. Mastrukov, Jordi Mallach, Vincent
     van Adrighem, Christian Rose, Stanislav Visnovsky, Daniel Yacob,
     Andras Timar, Sava Chankov, Christian Neumair, Peteris Krisjanis,
     Gustavo Noronha Silva, Christian Meyer, Fatih Demir, Hasbullah Bin
     Pit, Christophe Fergeau)

   * Bug fixes:

        - Don't pass null pointers to `accept ()'

        - Stacking list assertions no longer abort execution, they just
          print an error message

        - Handle minimum-size hints that are zero

        - Understand the Pango font names that the Gtk2 font selector

        - Fixed bugs when iconifying sticky windows

        - When servicing configure-window requests, respect the window's
          locked dimensions. Also handle moving in only one direction

        - `grow-pack' bug fixes (Daniel Pfeiffer)

        - Fixed some problems with fullscreen mode

        - Fixed some problems in the Gtk2 config tool

        - Other bug fixes (Greg Morris, Claudio Bley)

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