REANNOUNCE: libzvtmm 2.0.0 - Corrected Download Site

*** libzvtmm2

libzvtmmprovides a C++ interface to libzvt.

I wrote this as I needed it for a work project.  I hope that someone will
find it useful and good.

*** Credits

libzvtmm is based off of libgdamm by Murray Cumming.

Dale Hirt
  (initial code)

Documentation is being worked on right now.  However, I need bug testers to
tell me what is and is not working.

*** Download

You will need Gtkmm2, Gdkmm2, and Libzvt, available here:

*** Development 

There is a mailing list for cvs changes and for everyone else:

Dale Hirt
<dalesbc users sourceforge net>

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