ANNOUNCE: orbitcpp

*** orbitcpp

orbitcpp provides a C++ CORBA mapping for ORBit2. It is used by GNOME's
Bonobo C++ bindings, which will be part of the next gnomemm2 release.

orbitcpp requires recent versions of ORBit2 and linc, such as those used
by the GNOME 2.1.x development phase, but you can also use these
versions safely with GNOME 2.0.x.

orbitcpp is based on the old ORBit/C++ project for ORBit 1.

You might have heard about a C++ mapping being incorporated into ORBit2
itself. That didn't happen, so orbitcpp was created instead. 

*** Download:

You can download it from
or the mirrors when they update.

*** Development:

It's in gnome's cvs as the "orbitcpp" module. 
Patches should be added to the bugzilla orbitcpp module, with full
ChangeLog entries.
Discussion should happen on orbit-list gnome org

Murray Cumming
murray usa net

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