GNOME-PIM 1.90.2 "Last Man Standing"

                              GNOME-PIM 1.90.2

This is an in-development release of GNOME-PIM 2, the GNOME Personal
Information Manager for the GNOME 2 platform. GNOME-PIM includes an iCal
based calendar and a vCard based address book application.

Please note that this release is intended only for developers who want to
participate in the porting effort of GNOME-PIM, and for bold adventurers who
don't fear the unknown. It is not ready for daily use and still contains a
lot of bugs. It will eat your data, be cautious!

To Do

There is still a lot of work to be done, before GNOME-PIM 2.0.0 can be
released. During the porting effort, parts of GNOME-PIM had to be
rewritten from scratch, and there are still more parts scheduled for
replacement. This is the last release that still uses libversit for
reading and writing vCards. The next release will make use of a new,
GObject-based MIME Directory/vCard library that will be much more
stable, standard-compliant, and easier-to-use than libversit.

Also, major parts still use GtkCLists, are not HIG compliant and not
accessible. The documentation is lacking, too. For a full to do list,
see the file TODO in the distribution or in the gnome-pim-2-branch of
GNOME CVS's gnome-pim module.

Unfortunately Palm Pilot support had to be dropped from the GNOME 2 port
of GNOME-PIM, but we hope to be revive it, once GNOME-Pilot (or a better
replacement) is ported to GNOME 2.


GNOME-PIM 1.90.2 is available at:

Bugs in this release should either be reported at Buzilla with the
version set to 1.90.x or directly to gnome-pim-maint (at)
Patches are very welcome.

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