[ANNOUNCE]: gswitchit applet 0.8 released

Hi to all non-ASCII users of GNOME. 

Despite the fact that GConf and applets are still not a perfect pair, I
am glad to inform you that a new release of the 
keyboard layout switcher/indicator/manager GSwitchIt 0.8 is put on
Sourceforge site. 

This release is named "Happy Old New Year" (there is a celebration in

The applet is heavily restructured so all xkb-related stuff is moved
into little library "xklavier" - so other apps/applets are welcome to
use it. 

The major user-visible change is ability to switch layouts independently
in each window (optional). This feature was requested by many users so
go and get it! 

Also, any combination key/modifiers can now be used as a switchcut. 

Certainly, many bugs are fixed (and some new ones are introduced:). 

So, feel free to visit http://gswitchit.sourceforge.net/, test, play,
comment, complain. 

Finally, I have to thank Ivan Pascal. This release would be much worse
and more problematic without help I got from him. 


Sergey V. Udaltsov

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