ANN: Mahogany 0.64 released

A new release of `Mahogany' portable GUI email client has been made.

Source and binaries for a of Linux and Unix systems as well
as binaries for Win32 are available at

You can also get to the download page starting from


If you have any problems, please contact us on our mailing lists:

                mahogany-users lists sourceforge net
              mahogany-developers lists sourceforge net

In this message:

1. Announcing Mahogany Version 0.64
2. Acknowledgements
3. Changes Against the Previous Release

Announcing Mahogany Version 0.64

Mahogany is an OpenSource(TM) cross-platform mail news client. It is
available for X11/Unix and MS Windows platforms and supports many of
the Internet protocols and standards, including POP3, IMAP4
(and the secure versions using SSL), SMTP and NNTP. Mahogany also
supports MIME and many common Unix mailbox formats (including MBX,
MBOX and MH).

The main "selling points" of Mahogany in our opinion are:

* Cross-platform: use the same client to access your email from
  all the machines you use, share the settings between them.

* Everything is configurable: all aspects of the program behaviour
  may be changed by the user, yet you don't have to spend any time
  doing it before starting to use the program which is completely
  plug-and-play - but you can fit it to your needs later.

* High quality IMAP4 support: Mahogany is first and foremost an IMAP
  client and, although it does support POP3, it uses all the
  IMAP-only features (on demand message and attachment retrieval,
  server side messages copying/moving and also sorting/threading if
  available) and doesn't just consider IMAP as another kind of POP

* Open to the world: Mahogany integrates well with the other programs
  (be it your WWW browser or an editor) and doesn't lock the user in
  proprietary formats, but uses the standard ones whenever possible.

* Full featured: some of the features not yet mentioned are: modern
  GUI, built-in filters using a real programming language (but also
  GUI support for creating them without learning it), message
  templates, multiple identities, support for calendar plugin,
  powerful and flexible address book (with vCard support),
  synchronization with Palm, built-in HTML viewer, X-Face support,
  support for receiving faxes sent via EFax and much more.


Mahogany is written using the OpenSource wxWindows framework for GUI
C++ applications, building on the GTK+ toolkit on Unix and native
Win32 API under Windows. The imap-2000 (c-client) library developed
by University of Washington is used for mail folder access. We also
use OpenSSL for SSL support and compface for X-Face support. We wish
to thank all the people whose work has made writing Mahogany much
simpler (and even possible at all)!

Changes Since Release 0.63

Don't let the small difference of the version numbers fool you -
many things have changed dramatically since 0.63. For example, do try
this version if you had tried Mahogany before and were unhappy about
the speed of accessing the IMAP folders or deficiencies of POP3

Key changes are:

* incomparably more efficient IMAP support:

  - retrieve headers on-demand making it possible to work with huge
    IMAP folders efficiently
  - use server side sorting and threading when available

* local cache for POP3 folders which makes it possible to reliably
  detect new mail in them

Some of new features:

* HTML viewing and printing support

* Mailing list support: possibility to automatically send reply only to
  the mailing list

* Added possibility to monitor the folders in the background without
  opening them (IMAP)

* Several new commands: permanently delete messages (not to trash),
  mark messages read/unread, open folder read-only, update/ping

* One key message reading: automatically pass to the next unread
  message or folder after finishing reading the current one.

Other noticeable improvements:

* Win32 version now has SSL support as well

* Passwords can now be stored only for the current session duration

* Many GUI fixes: more (optional) progress dialogs, improvement to
  the filters dialog ("copy" and "rename" added), quickly change the
  sort/thread options by right clicking on the folder window header

Important bug fixes:

* Sorting/threading work together

* Handle connection loss more gracefully

* Many fixes to the new mail reporting and processing

* Big improvements in handling of sending and reading messages in charsets
  other than ASCII

Please see the CHANGES file in the distribution for an even more
detailed list of changes.

 We hope you will enjoy Mahogany!

M dev-team

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