Firestarter 0.8.1

Dear GNOMEs,

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of
Firestarter "It ought to have export restrictions" 0.8.1.

Source, SRPM, RPM and DEB packages available at

Or simply apt-get firestarter if you're running Debian unstable.

Changes you begged, pleaded, and finally sent patches for:
 New features:
   * IRC connection tracking and NAT configuration (Paul Drain)
   * Universal PNP as a recognized service (blocked by default)
   * Options to control the firewall from the console (Simone Contini)
   * --noapplet. Allows running Firestarter over SSH (Simone Contini)
   * Connection tracking modules not always being loaded (Paul Drain)
   * NAT/Portfw configuration problems (Daniel Elías Robles)
   * Error on trying to locate system binaries
   * All GTK and cosmetic errors I could find
   * Updated IANA list of nonroutable ip blocks (Nick Hill, Mark Wielaard)
   * Updated RPM spec file, less dependencies (Roy-Magne Mo)
   * Updated translations (Christian Meyer, Görkem, Frederic Renet,
     Christophe Merlet, Christian Meyer, Duarte Loreto, Takeshi Aihana,
     Abel Cheung, Christian Rose, Stanislav Visnovsky, Abel Cheung)

Firestarter in a nutshell
Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for Linux machines.
Whether you simply want to protect your personal workstation
or you have a network of computers to secure, Firestarter is
here to make your life easier. While a Firewall does not
guarantee security, it is often the first line of defence
against network based attacks.

Firestarter is a GNOME Fifth Toe application.

Tomas Junnonen

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