Gnumeric 0.73

Gnumeric 0.72 aka 'squish' is now available.

	This is a bug fix release.  All reproducible crashes and redraw
	errors have now been fixed.  Please continue to test.

* New features

	* References to named expressions in other sheets/books (Jody)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

	* Improve latex exporter to support multiple pages and 	(Adrian Custer)
	  basic support for merges.
	* Much improved header/footer preview canvas.		(Wayne Schuller)
	* Improve UI for customising print header/footer. 	(Wayne Schuller)
	* More work on validation.				(Almer)
	* Allow analysis tool output to be directed onto a	(Andreas)
	  range on another sheet.
	* Allow analysis tool output ranges to be specified	(Andreas)
	  using defined names.
	* Change covariance, correlation, descriptive		(Andreas)
	  statistics and sampling tools to allow multiple
	  selections (and defined names as input.
	* Change covariance and correlation tools to handle	(Andreas)
	  missing observations.
	* Change sampling tool to permit multiple samples	(Andreas)
	  from the same or different data. 
	* Fix autosizing of indented content.			(Jody)
	* Fix jump to bound with end in hidden region.		(Jody)
	* Hide objects in hidden regions for display and print. (Jody)
	* LOG() is valid with base > 0 && base != 1		(Jody)
	* Fix redo of unmerge to handle redraw spans.		(Jody)
	* Fix Name Support and Dialog.				(Jody)
	* Improve data allocator for graphs.			(Jody)
	* Clean out some unused code.				(Jody)
	* Begin code audit.					(Jody)
	* Fix autofill of days with months visible.		(Jody)
	* Fix minor leaks.					(Jody)
	* Improve recognition of values vs expressions		(Jody)
	* Reset grid display cursor after editing an object.	(Jody)
	* Resize frozen panes after ins/del col/row. 		(Jody)
	* Make python version configurable. 			(Jody)
	* Improved MPS plugin.  				(Jukka)
	* Extended the data analysis tools and documentation.	(Jukka)
	* Improved COUPDAYS().					(Jukka)
	* Improve goal seek.					(Morten)
	* Fixed parsing of numbers in scientific, monetary,	(Morten)
	  and number contexts.
	* Find and fix leaks.					(Morten)
	* Fix dif plugin's use of alloca.			(Morten)
	* Improve View menu layout.				(Almer)

* Translations

	* ru (Valek Filippov), nl (Tino Meinen), sk (Stanislav Visnovsky),
	et (Ain Vagula)

* Availability

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