gnome-redhat-list created


There's a new mailing list gnome-redhat-list gnome org for discussion
of Red Hat GNOME packages. I'll probably send announcements here about
new packages in gnomehide ( and
rawhide, and people can ask questions, make suggestions, etc. about
GNOME as packaged in Red Hat. Probably a pretty low-traffic list, as
any issues that apply to GNOME in general should go to gnome-list
instead. The immediate motivation for creating the list is to be able
to tell gnomehide users when new versions of things have been

Anyhow, if you're interested:

Note, this list is for the specific Red Hat packages from Red Hat,
rather than GNOME on Red Hat in general. For Ximian packages see the
lists at and for GNOME
Packaging Project packages see and
gnome-packaging-list gnome org 


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