gnome-vfs 1.0.1 is available

A new release of the gnome-vfs virtual file system library is available.
This new release will be required by the upcoming Nautilus 1.0.3 release,
but is also binary and source compatible with existing programs that use

Changes since gnome-vfs 1.0:

* Security fixes for pipe: method (Darin, Ian, John)
* Fix sticky bit handling (Pavel)
* Fix parent problems that messed up Nautilus handling of FTP (Pavel)
* Fix symlink handling (Darin)
* Make no-op moves quietly succeed (Darin)
* Fix progress callbacks in xfer code (Darin)
* Add support for HTTP proxies that require authentication (Mike)
* Make translate method more flexible (Maciej)
* Remove obsolete code (Darin)

* Add support for user-specific modules (Jonathan)
* Add CDDA module (Gene)

* Fix jbuilder MIME database entry for Java files (Seth)
* Fix Python script MIME database entry to say "can be executable" (John)
* Update GIMP MIME database entry to say it can take http URLs (Darin)
* Add magic number support for recognizing PHP files (Seth)

Source code is available at:


The gnome-vfs 1.0.1 package will also be available from the Eazel software
catalog <> within 24 hours.

    -- Darin

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