Nautilus 1.0.3 is available

A new release of the Nautilus graphical shell and file manager is available.
There have been tons of improvements since Nautilus 1.0.2 was released.

Some of the new features since Nautilus 1.0.2:

    - don't allow desktop icons to be under the Panel
    - cut, copy, and paste for moving or copying files (a la Windows)
    - notice changes to files made outside Nautilus using the FAM
      library if it's present
    - icon in title of Notes sidebar panel if the location has notes
    - Scripts menu to make it easy to run selected scripts on any
      file; a new way to extend Nautilus
    - a News sidebar panel that displays headlines from web sites
      that use the RSS format

    - tree view is faster, and also doesn't run at all unless it's
      opened, so it doesn't slow things down when you don't use it
    - improved rubber-banding speed (in smooth mode)
    - other small speed improvements
    - faster JPEG thumbnailing (contributed by Alexander Larsson)

    - ~/.gnome-desktop directory is now used for the desktop instead
      of ~/.nautilus/desktop. This change and others, done by Miguel,
      were in the Nautilus from Ximian's GNOME 1.4 packages, and his
      changes are now integrated into Nautilus 1.0.3.
    - more icons and descriptions for more types of removable media
    - xalf support in code that launches new programs; since there
      are still many small problems with xalf, this is only on if
      you set up a NAUTILUS_USE_XALF environment variable
    - added a "--no-desktop" option for the command line that makes
      desktop-related preferences disappear and prevents Nautilus
      from trying to manage the desktop -- good for running under KDE

    - Preferences menu now named "Preferences" instead of icon
    - preference to turn emacs keybindings on (for location field in
      the location bar, and elsewhere)
    - improved preferences for font and font size
    - global view preferences, including global default zoom level
    - preference to always sort folders first
    - preference to add a "Delete" command that bypasses the trash
    - icon caption setting moved into Preferences dialog
    - Nautilus Themes setting moved into Preferences dialog
    - support for HTTP proxies that require a user name and password
    - preference for maximum image size for thumbnailing (and upped
      default from 1 MB to 3 MB)
    - preference for experts who want to use their home directory for
      the desktop

    - add F2 keybinding for Rename, Delete for Move To Trash, and
      Shift-Delete for Delete (bypassing trash) if it's enabled
    - add "View as" items to menu bar
    - put ellipses ("...") in the middle of file names, not the
      start (or end)
    - made copy progress dialog hang around for a second even if
      the copy is faster than 1 second
    - list menu emblem column has a title and is after the file
      name column
    - select folder or file you came from when you do Up command
    - sort tree view more like how we sort other views
    - draw tree view icons smoothly when smooth mode is on
    - less flicker in tree view display
    - add a way to go to a specific location even when the location
      bar is hidden that doubles as a way to set the keyboard focus
      to the location in the location bar
    - improved look of help on sidebar by using icons instead of
      using slanted text
    - new implementation of audio preview that is faster and better
    - improved Open command, including a keyboard shortcut for the
      Open in New Window command
    - show target path in properties window for symlinks
    - updated dragging code to use the same kind of slightly
      broken URLs that gmc produces, which makes it compatible
      with programs that previously worked with gmc and not Nautilus
    - handle drags of URLs onto the desktop by making Nautilus links

    - nautilus code broken out into librsvg, eel, and trilobite
    - make files updated so you can build with Mozilla 0.9

This list only mentions the most prominent new features. There are also many
bug fixes and other speed improvement -- those are not listed here.

Source code is available at:


You'll also need the latest versions of the gnome-vfs, librsvg, eel,
ammonite, and trilobite packages.


These packages will also be available from the Eazel software catalog
<> within 24 hours.

    -- Darin

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