eel 1.0 is available

The eel library contains a number of generally useful classes and functions.
Many of them are extensions to things in glib, gtk, gnome-libs, and other
widely-used GNOME platform libraries. The long term plan is to move much of
this into the platform libraries themselves.

Almost all of the eel library was previously part of Nautilus, in the
"libnautilus-extensions" private library in Nautilus 1.0 - 1.0.2. It is now
a separate package so it can be used by packages other than Nautilus.
Ramiro Estrugo did the work to extract the eel library from Nautilus and
make a package.

Unlike platform libraries such as glib and gnome-libs, future versions of
eel may be changed in ways that break source or binary compatibility, even
before the GNOME 2 platform release. You should only use the eel library if
you are prepared to stay in touch with the eel maintainers and possibly
update your package when eel is updated.

This is the first release as a separate package.

Source code is available at:


The eel package also requires librsvg:


The eel package will also be available from the Eazel software catalog
<> within 24 hours.

    -- Darin

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