ANNOUNCE: gdome2-0.6.0

Dear lovers of trendy standards,

Version 0.6.0 of the gdome2 library, codename "cippolippo", has been

* Overview

  gdome2 is a DOM level2 implementation based on libxml2.

  With gdome2 programmers can work with XML documents with an interface
  that is:
   - easy to use
   - compliant to W3C standards
   - a required step towards world DOMination

* Features

  gdome2 currently supports modules "Core" and "XML" from the DOM2
  Recommendation (, and is supposed
  to become a full implementation of all the DOM2 standard.

* Notes

  This is the first public release of gdome2.
  The goal of this release is to find errors and bugs in the
  implementation of "Core" and "XML" modules: all intefaces of the two
  modules are completly implemented, but we need some good tests to
  declare that gdome2 is stable.
  In the release there is also the old implementation of the "Events"
  module, but this is not considered supported until the next major
  release (0.7.0).

* Thanks to

  Prof. Andrea Asperti, who is giving me the opportunity to make this work
                        as my degree thesis,
  Luca Padovani, who is helping me in implementation choices and who has
                 the patience to weekly listen to my problems,
  Enrico Zini, a real hacker, who gave me lots of implementation advices,
  Claudio Sacerdoti Coen, who had the idea of my degree thesis,
  Mathieu Lacage, who gave me the opportunity to work on gdome2,
  Daniel Veillard, for his willingness and high professionalism.

* Download

  From my university account:

  From my home server (slow!!): 

Paolo Casarini - casarini cs unibo it

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