New version of gtm (0.4.7)

Hi everybody, GTM has a new release 0.4.7.

For those of you who don't know gtm (GNOME Transfer Manager), gtm is
capable of downloading files from the network using FTP and HTTP

The program is also capable of continuing the downloads and accepts drag
and drop of URL from netscape. You can dnd to the program or to the
applet (applet dnd is very usefull if you have a small monitor).

You can even dnd from gmc and gftp (need at least gftp version
2.0.5a). This means more than one URL at a time.

And now there is galeon ( which uses GTM to
do the transfers. It's the first client I saw (beside the gtm_applet in
gtm distribution) to communicate with GTM throught CORBA.

If you want to know more visit gtm page

You can download the source code, RPM (RedHat 7.x) or SRPM.

Changes since version last version (0.4.6):

        * New default settings for application first use.

        * Totally redesign the applet properties box and also changed
        the way download dir works in the applet add and new dialog boxes.
        Now it's more consistent.

        * Lots of BUG fixes (2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11)

	* New icons for the application and applet

It's all for now.


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