Nautilus 1.0 is available

The Nautilus team is proud to announce the release of Nautilus 1.0.

Information about how to download and build sources and how to download
and install RPM-format binaries is available at:

(Some of the links are broken at the moment, but we are working to fix

Also, as with most GNOME packages, you can get the tarball from

(We'll probably move it to the stable directory, but it's here for now.)

We're planning a follow-on release with more translations and another
release soon after that with the most important bug fixes. Soon after
that will be the long-promised release that ends world hunger and makes
the world safe for all innocent children. Please stay tuned.

A big thanks to all the hackers and others who contributed to Nautilus
development. I personally have had a great time working with all of you
for the past year and a half. I'm looking forward to making Nautilus
even better in the coming weeks and months.

    -- Darin

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