ANNOUNCE: Bonobo 1.0.6 released

	This release is a load of small fixes and some nice UI
acceleration work from Alexander that should speed up Nautilus window
opening noticably.

	libtool-1.4 is required to build this release.

* What happened ?

	* UI handler stuff:

		* set/get prop acceleration (Alexander Larsson)
		* Key stroke handling fixage (Darin)
		* default icon fixage (Jacob)
		* prototype cleans (Johan Dahlin)

	* Misc stuff
		* re-entrancy fix in event_source_destroy (Me)
		* moniker-extender-file fix (Dave Camp)
		* item-container bug (Dave Camp)
		* Portability fixes (? & Dietmar)
		* doc fixes (Jacob)
		* updated tests (Me)
		* config dialog rename (Miles Lane)
		* fixed libefs linking (Federico)

* Availability - when updates.

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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