ANNOUNCE: Gnome-- 1.2.0


The stable Gnome-- 1.2.0 has finally been released, and is available

Gnome-- provides C++ wrappers for the gnome-libs widgets, such as
GnomeApp, Canvas, Dialog, Druid, MDI, MessageBox, etc.

The API, which is much clearer than the original gnome-libs 1.2 API, can
be seen here:
We have also created several examples which demonstrate the use of the
Gnome-- API.


Gnome-- was severely delayed by the loss of its initial maintainer, but
has now fully recovered. Credit and thanks are very much due to the
following developers:

Eric Bourque, Manuel Clos, Gerg§ ╔rdi, Andreas Holzmann, Falk Hueffner,
Peter Lerner, Karl Nelson, Agustin Ferrin Pozuelo, Herbert Valerio
Riedel, Sebastian Rittau, Joe Yandle

The Future

GNOME 2.0 should be released at the beginning of 2002, with a new API.
Gnome-- will probably then be renamed to gnomeui-- and updated for the
new GNOME 2 API. The Gnome-- name may be used to refer to the whole
collection of GNOME C++ bindings, including Gtk--, gnomeui--,
libglade--, GConf--, ORBit/C++, etc, which might be available as one
umbrella package. 

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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