Gnome Basic 0.0.20 released

	The cleaner meaner, grammaticaly correct Gnome Basic. It
transpires lots of work has got done recently, so what better than a
new release.

* So what changed ?

	* Massive grammer / lexer / internals fixage (Ravi)

	* Form work
		* Form [MaxButton, MinButton, ShowInTaskbar,
 		 BorderStyle, LinkTopic, StartupPosition] (Ravi)
		* Menu fixage (Frank)
		* sub-properties (Ravi)
		* handle control box (Ravi)
		* Add shapes support (Frank)

	* FormItem work
		* visibility work (Frank)
		* [DragMode] (Ravi)
		* Textbox [MultiLine] (Ravi)
		* Textbox [MaxLength, PasswordChar] (Matthew Mei)

	* Misc.
		* File handling updates (Ravi)
		* Print statement (Ravi)
		* Leak fixes (Per Winkvist, Ravi)

	Special thanks to Ravi for the immense amount of work he put into
this release.

* Notes

	Bug reports are only appreciated for parser errors, ie. if you
are interested in development please send either patches, or fragments
of test code. We are well aware that there are many things remaining

	We need someone to start tackling the pandemic of memory leaks
in gb, before other modules start catching them.

* Availability - as and when we re-sync.

* More information

	See the website at

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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