Gnumeric 0.66 available (with Bonobo as default)

Gnumeric 0.66 aka 'thank you sir may I have another' is now available.

Note to packagers : The Bonobo enabled build is now the default.  You WILL need
	to change your packaging to reflect changes in paths and to add
	Bonobo-1.0x as a depend.

This is a _development_ release.  Although the code is stable, packages will
definitely need work to cope with the switch to Bonobo.  It is possible to
build without Bonobo (--without-bonobo), and will continue to be
possible for the foreseeable future.

Once the packages are up to date you will want to update to get fixes for
    - text exporting that was accidentally disabled in 0.65
    - array formulas that were also disabled in 0.65

* New features

	* Outline mode is now mostly complete.			(Almer, Jody)
	* Black Scholes pricer plugin.				(Elliot Lee)
	* Data Consolidation					(Almer)
	* Support iteration.					(Jody)
	* More Keyboard Shortcuts for moving and formatting.	(Almer)
	* Support conditional number formats.			(Jody)
	* I/O progress monitors.				(Zbigniew)
	* Scaled printing.					(Jody)
	* Complete Model/View split for sheets.			(JonKare)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

	* Misc bugs.						(Gnumeric team)
	* Improve the experimental SAX based xml importer.	(Almer, Jody)
	* More work on rounding for number display.		(Morten, Jody)
	* Re-enable ctrl-enter filling, and arrays.		(Jody)
	* Clean-up the STF importer.				(Almer)
	* Handle {caps,number,scroll}lock.			(Juan Pablo)
	* Fix RATE and IRR.					(Morten)
	* Reorganise the recalc queue to speed things up.	(Jody)
	* Improve sheet name quoting.				(Juan Pablo)
	* Fix PV, FV arg list.					(Morten, Jody)
	* Add support for multi-character separators and quoted
	  cells with newlines to the STF importer.		(Almer)
	* Work around for broken X handling of long strings.	(Almer, Jody)
	* Speed-up Gnumeric function calls.			(Morten)
	* Obscure referencing bug.				(Jody)
	* Improve goal seeking slightly.			(Morten)
	* Some number formating bugs.				(Jody)
	* gcc3 warning suppression				(Morten)
	* Improve plugins					(Zbigniew)

* Translations

	* Updated: de(Christian Meyer, Karl Eichwalder), ru(Valek Filippov),
	pl(Zbigniew Chyla), sk(Stanislav Visnovsky), tr(Fatih Demir),
	da(Ole Laursen), no(Kjartan Maraas), fr(Christophe Merlet)

* Availability

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