OAF 0.6.2 released

OAF is the new Object Activation Framework for GNOME. OAF has a
similar purpose to gnorba, the GNOME 1.x CORBA activation library, and
will replace it for GNOME 2.0.

It allows you to do much more powerful activation queries than gnorba.
Each server is described by an XML file that defines its
attributes. When querying or activating, one may specify complex
requirements using the OAF query language.

New in 0.6.2:

* Leak fixes (Ali)

* xml-18n-toolize (Maciej)

* Add DTD for oafinfo files (Maciej)

* Rewrite and clean up oafinfo loading code; make it accept .oaf as
  well as .oafinfo files (.oaf is the preferred naming now) (Maciej)

* Pass IOR by environment variable, not command line arg for security (Elliot Lee)

* Doc updates (Mathieu, John R. Sheets)

* Assorted portability fixes (Jason Leach)

* libxml 1.x/2.x compatibility (Darin)

* Build fixes (Eskil, Mathieu, Maciej)

* Assorted bug fixes (Michael)

* New translations (Szabolcs BAN, Stanislav Visnovsky)

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