A Gnome applet which monitors several mbox-type mailbox files. Each
mailbox can be assigned to a priority between 0 and 2 and it can have
its own time interval for checking. For each priority there is a
different icon. gbox can also count the mail in the boxes and show
the subject/sender of each mail in the applet's menu. A tooltip can 
shows a summary of the information in three different kinds.

this is just a 'bug fix'-release. Sorry for the last one. I hope this
one does its jobs a little bit better.

- bug fix count_mails function
  thanks to Thomas Schenk and Ian Campbell
- add my first try of an icon
- upgraded spec file (Ian Campbell)
- see ChangeLog for more information

Special thanks to Thomas for his really nice comment at freshmeat



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\\ crunchy           <tacker sachmittel de>
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