ANN: Pan 0.9.4 Released

Greetings fellow primates,

Pan 0.9.4 "and I would have kissed his little boo boo but then I remembered
he was a BAD monkey so I kicked him in the face!" has been released.
It can be found at

What is Pan?

	Pan is a Newsreader for Gnome whose goal is to be easy to use yet
	functional enough for beginners and advanced users alike. It has the
	basic features of threading, reading, filtering, and posting, and also
	has a number of features for power users and alt.binaries fans.
	It's the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the Good
	Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evalutions.

What's New in 0.9.4?


        * New icons to show which article bodies are cached locally for better
          offline reading.
        * Added clickable URLs to the gtkhtml version of Pan.  URLs will be
          opened with the appropriate application specified in your mime setup.
        * Added user-configurable date format strings for how dates should be
          displayed in the thread and article views.
        * Added option to 'break' a thread when the subject line changes.
          This is to group separately a subthread that spins off on a
          different topic.


        * The log window has been rewritten and provides more useful
          information now.  Moreover errors are now flagged with an error
          icon, and an error icon appears in the main window's toolbar to
          let users know when errors are occurring.
        * The local article cache is smarter about knowing when to clear out
          old messages, and making sure that the oldest messages get purged
        * Faster loading & saving of articles, deleting of articles,
          marking articles read/unread, and so on.
        * Text wrapping in the display is now turned off by default for
          new users.
        * Pan now accepts messages with unparseable From: headers instead
          of discarding to them.


        * Fixed a serious memory corruption bug that was introduced in 0.9.3.
        * Fixed crash that occurred when deleting articles and then reading
          more articles.  Thanks to John LeMay for reporting this bug.
        * Try to authenticate as soon as we connect to the NNTP server,
          so that members-only groups will be displayed.  Thanks to
          Sébastien Delestaing for reporting this problem.
        * Runs properly with gtkhtml whether it's configured with GConf
          or not.  Thanks to Thomas Zajic and Joseph Wang for supplying
          patches for this.
        * Setting the font for the HTML window didn't work under some
          international fonts in 0.9.3.
        * Fixed bug that kept some articles from being saved to disk.
          This was also a 0.9.3 but.   Guess that's what we get for going
          two months between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3, eh. :)
        * Pieces were dropping out of the middle of decoded multipart posts
          if the server dropped connection in the middle of downloading an
          article.  Thanks to Ronny Haryanto for reporting this bug and
          correctly sussing out the problem, and to Genadz Batsyan
          for supplying a patch.
        * Make sure Pan correctly handles those darn 'cut here' messages
          even in multipart uuencoded posts.  Thanks to Sándor Bárány for
          reporting this bug.
        * Don't substitute spaces with underscores when saving attachments.
          Thanks to Jed S. Baer and Aluminum Foil Ball for suggesting this.
        * Added a patch from James Amundson that keeps the text window
          from growing too large when there is a long header being displayed.
        * The Pan main window layouts were not being saved properly between
          sessions when the user changed the placement of the windows.
        * Fixed memory corruption problem that occurred when 'download
          all bodies' was selected from the thread view.
        * Fails more gracefully when the server refuses connection with a
          "400 - Server connection limit reached" error message.  Thanks to
          Frank Eisfeld for reporting this bug.
        * Now handles smtp servers that send out multiline 200 handshake
          messages.  Thanks to Adrian Miranda for reporting this bug.

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