SILex 1.1.0 available

Hello happy schemers,

Due to popular demand, the most functional and beautiful Scheme
of Lex is now available released under the GPL and bundled as a nice
guile module.

This is an experimental version. In the future, SILex shall be
part of the standard gnome-guile distribution.

Silex is free software licensed under the GPL.

The author is Danny Dube' <dube iro umontreal ca>
Guile port and distribution maintainer: Ariel Rios <ariel arcavia com>

New in this version:
* SILex is now a guile module
* Some examples added

CVS module:
SILex is located in the GNOME CVS under the silex module.

Lots of thanks Dany Dube for putting SILex in the GPL.


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