ANNOUNCE: Firestarter 0.6.0

Firestarter 0.6.0 "Xihuahua" is now available at
 * Much improved firewall wizard
 * Better Linux 2.4 Netfilter support
 * Type of Service configuration
 * Halt all network traffic option
 * Bug fixes:
    SSH freezing problems
    Linux 2.4 NAT problems
    Crash under extreme loads
    Lots of small things
 * Localization:
    Added: Finnish, Korean, Slovak & Romanian translations.
    Many existing translations updated (Firestarter is now 
    translated into 19 languages!)

Firestarter in a nutshell:

Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for Linux machines. It
features an easy to use firewall wizard to quickly create a
firewall. Using the program you can then open and close ports
with a few clicks, or stealth your machine giving access only
to a select few.

 Tomas Junnonen

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